Activities for fostering your baby’s creativity at home


Our babies are developing their imagination and creativity from a young age through play and exploration. Whilst they won’t be picking up musical instruments or paint brushes just quite yet – by engaging with them in creative activities, we are setting up a supportive foundation for our little ones. 

Plus, musical and artistic play is not only a good way to develop their creativity and imagination but also their motor skills, spatial awareness, vocal skills and language skills.

So put on your favourite playlist (it’s never too early to introduce them to your favourites) or give these fun baby activities a try next time inspiration strikes. 

Sound and movement

You can make maracas by putting some rice or lentils into a sippy cup and show your baby how to shake-shake-shake! For extra visual stimulation, you can make coloured rice with natural food colouring. Sound and movement help to encourage learning and physical development from a very early age.

What you’ll need

  • Rice or lentils
  • Sippy cup or small container
  • Natural food colouring for extra fun


  • Sensory stimulation
  • Motor skills

Sing along time!

It is never too early to introduce your baby to music. 

Turn on those nursery rhymes and start singing along – this will help them become familiar with sounds, words and language.

Try singing to your child in exaggerated tones of voice. Your baby will be gripped by the different sounds – watch their facial expressions and see how they react!

What you’ll need:

  • Simple music and your best singing voice


  • Emotional and social skills
  • Language skills
  • Self-expression
  • Memory

Sticky mural

Contact paper is a must for all families that have a toddler. It can be used in so many different ways and provides hours of fun for your little one!

Invade your craft box and pull out things like foam stickers, pom poms, cotton balls, wooden sticks, pieces of coloured straws, ribbon, yarn – get creative! Grab your chosen materials and place them on a tray so that they can be easily accessed by your toddler. Cut a piece of contact paper off the roll and carefully peel off the backing. Use painters tape to secure the contact paper to the wall, sticky side out. Let your toddler get started creating their mural by sticking on each piece.

What you’ll need

  • Contact paper
  • Painter’s tape
  • Art & craft supplies


  • Fine motor skills
  • Creativity & imagination

The hello & goodbye song

Introduce the concept of saying hello and goodbye with a special song. Practice waving while singing ‘Teddy’s here today…Teddy’s here today…Let’s all say hello…Teddy’s here today!’ then try it with goodbye. Greetings are the foundation of good manners but are also a lot of fun.

What you’ll need

  • A favourite toy to join the fun


  • Motor skills
  • Social interaction and communication skills
  • Language skills

Starting your baby’s journey with music and art at an early age is a great way to encourage their creativity and imagination as they develop – plus who knows, you may just have the next Picasso or Mozart in your family…

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