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Origin: Netherlands
Region Origin: Western Europe

The name Wendy is a feminine name of English origin, derived from the Welsh name Gwendolyn. The name comprises two elements: "gwen," meaning 'white' or 'blessed,' and "dolen," meaning 'ring' or 'loop'. Wendy is also associated with the word "friend," as it was a nickname given to the author J.M. Barrie by a young friend. The name Wendy gained popularity after J.M. Barrie used it as a character in his 1904 play "Peter Pan". The character, Wendy Darling, was inspired by Margaret Henley, a child who called Barrie "my friendy" due to her inability to pronounce the word correctly. The name Wendy has since become a popular name in English-speaking countries, with its popularity attributed to the play "Peter Pan".

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