Pronunciation: wa-hde-h
Origin: United Kingdom

Emmy Samtani

Emmy Samtani

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Region Origin: Northern Europe

Wade is a boy's name of English and Scandinavian origins, primarily used as a surname but also gaining popularity as a given name. The name is thought to derive from the pre-7th century Old English verb "wadan" (wada), meaning "to go," or as a habitational name from the Old English word "(ge)waed," meaning "ford". Wade is also associated with the legend of Wade, a sea-giant who was both feared and loved by coastal tribes along the North and Baltic Seas. The surname Wade is historically concentrated in the East of England, particularly in and around the counties of Suffolk and Essex, suggesting that this region may be the surname's likely area of origin. The first recorded spelling of the surname as "Wade" specifically is shown to be that of Godwin Wade, dated 1166 in the "Pipe Rolls of Essex," during the reign of King Henry II (1154–1189). The given name Wade, from which the surname may be derived, was first recorded in the "little" Domesday Book for Norfolk, Suffolk, and Essex in 1086 as "Wada," "Wade," and "Wado". The name has since spread throughout the rest of the British Isles and is evidenced by its presence in many medieval manuscripts in Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. In Ireland, the name is of English, Gaelic, and Norman French origin, having been introduced by the Anglo-Normans.

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