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Origin: Taiwan, Province of China
Region Origin: Eastern Asia

The name Scott is an ethnic or geographical name signifying a native from Scotland or a person who spoke Gaelic. It is derived from the Old English "scotti," which was originally a generic name given by the Romans to Gaelic raiders from Ireland. The name is also a habitational and ethnic name from Middle English "Scot," meaning "man from Scotland". The Scott surname is believed to be Scottish and is still one of the most common surnames in the country. The name has been given to those who hail from Scotland and, more rarely, it may come from the Old French description of a scout or spy. The name Scott is undeniably rooted within Scottish heritage and is a popular choice for those looking to connect their child to their Celtic roots. Some notable people with the name Scott include actors Scott Baio and Scott Bakula, reality TV star Scott Disick, and composer Scott Joplin.

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