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Origin: Kenya
Region Origin: Eastern Africa

The name Rose is derived from the Latin word "rosa," which refers to the woody perennial flowering plant of the genus Rosa. The rose has a long cultural history, symbolizing beauty, love, and admiration in various societies. In ancient Greece, the rose was closely associated with the goddess Aphrodite. The rose is a fragrant shrub noted for its beauty and its thorns, and it has been cultivated since remote antiquity. Roses have been cultivated in gardens for centuries, with many of the cultivated roses today being hybrids and selections from species native to China. Fossil records show that roses existed 30 million years ago in Europe, Asia, and North America. The rose has been appreciated in many cultures throughout its long history, with the Greeks and Romans considering it the "Queen of flowers". The rose's enduring appeal as a cut flower and in gardens has never wavered, and its sentimental value continues to be celebrated in various forms, such as poetry and art.

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