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Origin: Austria
Region Origin: Western Europe

Reginald is a masculine given name in the English language, originating from Latin and Old English roots. The name means "ruler's advisor" and has been popular since the Middle Ages. It is derived from the Latin "Reginaldus," which has been influenced by the Latin word "regina," meaning "queen". The name is also connected to the Germanic word "*ragina-," meaning "judgment" or "counsel," and "*waldan," meaning "to rule". The name Reginald has been used by various notable figures throughout history, such as Reginald de Braose, a Norman nobleman, and Reginald of Piperno, an Italian Dominican, theologian, and companion of St. Thomas Aquinas. Today, the name is considered quite formal, and many individuals with this name often shorten it to "Reg" in everyday usage. Some modern versions of the name include "Reggie" as a pet form and "Rinaldo" as a world-class soccer player's name.

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