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Origin: Slovakia
Region Origin: Eastern Europe

Monica is a feminine given name with various meanings and origins. The name has Latin origins, meaning "advisor" or "truth". However, it could also have Punic or Berber origins due to its association with St. Monica, who was born in Numidia, North Africa, and was a citizen of Carthage. Additionally, Monica has been linked to the Greek word "monos," which means "alone". The name gained popularity due to St. Monica, the mother of St. Augustine, who was a native of Northern Africa. Her name is said to have Phoenician roots, but during the Middle Ages, it became associated with the Latin verb "monere," which means "to warn or advise". This association fit well with the idea that St. Monica was the one who led her son, St. Augustine, to Christianity. Today, the name Monica is associated with acts of service and advising, making it a fitting choice for those who value helping and guiding others.

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