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Origin: Netherlands
Region Origin: Western Europe

Millie is a baby girl name derived from the German names Millicent, Melicent, and Mildred, and is an Anglicized first name and nickname translating to "gentle strength" and "strong in work". The name Millie has its origins in Latin, English, and German, and is associated with the Old German name Amalasuintha. The name can be broken down into two words: "amal," meaning "work," and "swinth," meaning "strong". In the 19th century, Millie was used as a nickname for the name Amelia, which was quite popular at the time. The name Millie has a rich history and background. It was first recorded in the 16th century and is believed to have originated from the Germanic word "mild," which means "gentle" or "kind". The name Millie also bears spiritual significance, as it is mentioned in the Hebrew Bible and is taken from the name Karmel or Carmel, an ancient Israelite town in Judea. In Latin, Millie refers to a servant of a religious place of worship. Today, Millie is a popular name, with its popularity likely influenced by famous people such as actress Millie Bobby Brown.

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