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Origin: Estonia
Region Origin: Northern Europe

The name Marilyn is a beautiful combination of the names Marie and Lynn, and it has several divine meanings, including "star of the sea," "drop of the sea," and "beloved lake". It is of British origin and has been popular in various forms across different languages and cultures. Marilyn is also associated with the Hebrew word for "bitter" and the Egyptian word for "beloved". In Anglo-Saxon, the name means "tempestuous sea". The name Marilyn gained widespread recognition and popularity due to the fame of actress, singer, and model Marilyn Monroe. Born as Norma Jean Mortenson, she adopted the name Marilyn to become a Hollywood starlet. The name's popularity peaked between 1922 and 1967, with 1937 recording the highest number of babies named Marilyn at 9,738. Despite its rare status in recent times, the name Marilyn remains a timeless and iconic choice for parents who admire its rich history, varied meanings, and association with the legendary Marilyn Monroe.

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