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Origin: Uzbekistan
Region Origin: Central Asia

The name "Lola" has a feminine origin and comes from the Spanish word "Dolores," which means "sorrows". It is a shortened version of the name Dolores, derived from a Spanish title given to the Virgin Mary, Nuestra Señora de los Dolores, translating to "Our Lady of Sorrows". This biblical name carries the message that understanding the sorrows in life is an essential aspect of living. The name Lola has also been used as a short form of other names, such as Karolina, Carol, and Charlotte. It has even been used as a diminutive of the German name Aloisia and a hypocorism of Lolita, particularly in Russian. Lola is also a feminine name in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Afghanistan, and is common in Africa, where many feminine names are shortened to Lola, such as Temilola, Omolola, or Damilola. Despite its various associations, the name Lola remains primarily a feminine name with a strong Spanish origin and a biblical message of understanding life's sorrows.

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