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Origin: Spain
Region Origin: Southern Europe

Jorja is a modern name with an English origin, primarily used as a feminine form of George. The name can be traced back to the Greek origin 'Γεώργιος' or 'Georgios', which is an anglicized form of George. The meaning of Jorja can be associated with "farmer" or "earth worker", as George is comprised of the Greek elements "gi" (meaning "work") and "ergon" (meaning "earth"). The name Jorja has a significant presence in different languages and cultures. Some variations of the name include Georgina, Georgia, and Georgianna. Jorja is pronounced as joh-juh and has been ranked in the top 1,000 names only once, in 2009. Some famous people with the name Jorja include American actress Jorja An Fox, British R&B singer Jorja Alice Smith, and American activist and academic Jorja Leap.

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