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Origin: Liberia
Region Origin: Western Africa

Jeffrey is a traditionally masculine name with origins in both German and English languages. The name translates to "pledge of peace" or "God's peace" in English, while in German, it means "district" or "traveler". It is a variant form of the name Geoffrey, which is derived from a Middle French variant of Godfrey or Gottfried. The name became popular in homes from the mid-1950s to the late 1970s and has since experienced a revival, partly due to the fame of several well-known individuals named Jeffrey. The origin of Jeffrey can be traced back to the Germanic name "Geoffrey," which means "God's peace". Over time, the name evolved into the spelling "Jeffrey," which is the most commonly used form today. The name is versatile and used in several English-speaking countries, including England and the United States. While Geoffrey is more prevalent than Jeffrey in regions beyond North America, Jeffrey has consistently ranked among the top baby names in the US since 1934, indicating its popularity among parents.

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