Origin: United Kingdom
Region Origin: Western Europe

The name Howard is of Norman origin, derived from the Middle English personal names Huward (also Howard) and Heward, which are themselves from Old French Huard or the Old German name Hugihard, which combines "hugi," meaning "mind, understanding, spirit," with "hard," meaning "hardy, bold". The surname Howard is common in English and can be traced to various sources, both in the Gaelic languages and other origins. The name Howard has a diverse background, with some instances being a repetitive name that employed a Germanic element, while other cases involved people who worked at dairy farms and adopted the name. Another source suggests that the name may have originated from the Castle of Howard in Wales during the time of Henry I. The surname Howard was first found in Norfolk, where one of the earliest records of the family was Elwin le Heyvard, listed in the Hundredorum Rolls of 1273.

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Emmy Samtani
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