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Origin: Portugal
Region Origin: Southern Europe

The name Carla is a feminine name of German and Italian origins. It derives from the male name Carl, which is of German origin and comes from the German name Charles, meaning "free man". In the context of romantic languages, borrowing etymology from male names has always been common practice. Female names often evolved from classic male names by adding an 'a' to soften the sound, which is what makes Carla pleasing to the ear. This naming pattern is also observed in other languages and cultures, such as Latin, where the name means "strong one," and Old German, where it signifies "freeholder". The meaning of Carla can be interpreted as "free woman," "warrior," or "army". While the name has Germanic origins, it has been used in various languages and cultures, including English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and German. It is also worth noting that masculine variants of Carla include Carl, Charles, Carlo, Carlos, Carlito, Charlie, Chuck, Chas, and Chip, while feminine variations include Caroline, Charlene, Charlotte, Charlize, and Karla.

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