Viva Bianca

Viva is a writer, editor and mum (AKA professional snack bitch) – and not in that order. With a background in film, feminism and culture journalism, Viva brings her curiosity for storytelling to her role as Culture & Lifestyle Editor at Kiindred, and loves offering advice and tit-bits to other parents - it takes a village!

Articles written by Viva

Causes of male infertility
While male infertility is relatively common, many couples go on to conceive despite male infertility issues. Approximately 85% of couples trying to get pregnant conceive in the first year, leaving 15% of couples to sit outside of that relatively normal conception window.
All the ways your boobs may change during pregnancy and postpartum
We’ve all heard the stories about how breasts change during pregnancy… I mean, we know they get bigger, right? But just how much bigger? And when? Do they stay big forever? (We see you, hopeful A-cuppers 🙏🏿) Pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum ask so much of a woman’s body – and reveal it to be pretty damn badass (#superwoman). And because their primary purpose is to produce milk...
Behind the brand
How mother’s group landed Beatrice Roy and Jessie Crockford not only a friendship but a business
Mother’s groups have long been a source of essential support and friendship for mothers in the early days of parenting. And for Beatrice Roy and Jessie Crockford, having their first babies and joining their local mother’s group led to not only a beautiful friendship but the invention of their baby-food business, Bouchee.
Behind the brand
Growbright’s Natalie Norman is on a mission to make families ‘sleep like babies’
Founder of Growbright, Natalie Norman, was born into the sleep industry, her family owning one of the biggest mattress manufacturing companies in Australasia. Perhaps not surprisingly, when Natalie became a mum, sleep was one of her biggest concerns – and the reason she wanted to help other families by spreading the sleep love with products and advice.
Behind the brand
Olympic champion Lydia Lassila on how her biggest tragedy became her business inspiration
“In hospital, the nurse handed me a frozen condom to shove in my knickers, and my instant reaction was, “surely we deserve better than this!”. *Cue lightbulb moment*– Lydia Lassila
Care for mama: how to make expressing work for you!
Let’s be real – after the initial novelty of pumping or expressing milk wears off, it can sometimes start to feel like a bit of a chore. A necessary one, but a tedious one. Just another *thing* that we women and our bodies endure in the name of ‘nature’… Amiright…? (Why don’t dads have boobs again?)