Rosemary Gattuso

Rosemary Gattuso has been in alternative dispute resolution practice in Sydney for more than fifteen years, specialising in family mediation and restorative justice. As a family mediator, she has helped many families to separate in a child-focused way. In addition to her dispute resolution work, Rosemary runs programs for schools, parents, individuals, and businesses about strengths-based living and ways to transform self-criticism and overthinking into empowering personal growth.

Her book ‘It’s Not You, It’s Me - A Chronic Overthinker’s Guide to Self Reflection’ is out now.


Articles written by Rosemary

The soul-searching benefits of a mere ‘to-do’ list
We all have that friend, sister, mum or husband who’s ‘the organiser’ right? The ones that plan events, with seemingly ‘ease,’ and then rock up looking a million bucks!