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Natalie Ehrlich

A lawyer turned professional writer, Natalie Ehrlich is a mother of three under five with a passion for supporting parents. With a history of editorial experience at major lifestyle and fashion brands, writing about parenting while in the thick of it feels like a career dream come true. In her “free” time, she enjoys reading one page of a book uninterrupted, cooking with her kids, and planning her next mom-cation.

Articles written by Natalie
Health & Wellness
Pregnancy is often depicted as the most joyful experience in a human’s life but the reality is that there can be a lot of stress during pregnancy for many mums. Let’s be honest, being pregnant in itself is stressful at times! Sometimes the stress during pregnancy is directly tied to the pregnancy itself. Changing hormones and preparing for a major life change are bound to bring up some...
There are few things more gratifying than watching your toddler make friends. I remember the first time I made eye contact with a fellow mum across the park as our two year olds giggled down the slide together. As our tired eyes met, I knew we were both feeling the same sense of joy and let’s be honest, relief.
Most parents can’t wait to start solid food after four to six months of a milk-only diet. Feeding your child feels like the start of a whole new, hopefully fun, exciting journey toward eating. Unfortunately, for many families, mealtimes can become one of the most stressful parts of parenting. We all want to see our children enjoying nourishing foods and it can be extremely disheartening...
Stillbirth is one of those topics that’s really difficult to talk about. As a result, there’s not always a lot of conversation around what it is and why it happens. Unfortunately, stillbirth does happen and we want to provide you with information around it. That said, this may be difficult to read for some parents. Please use your own judgement around what might be upsetting or triggering...
I’d vaguely heard of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) prior to having my third baby. From my understanding, it was a rough virus for babies and of course, something to be avoided if possible. Many parents, including myself, have learned the hard way this year that RSV can be quite serious. This is particularly true for young babies whose airways can become clogged with mucus and because it...
Let’s be honest: sex and pregnancy aren’t always two words pregnant women want to hear in the same sentence. Sex isn’t always a priority when dealing with fluctuating hormones (estrogen and progesterone in particular), changing bodies, nausea, acid reflux, new aches and pains, and all the other fun shifts that occur during pregnancy.
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