Kimmy Smith

Founder of The Empowered Motherhood Project. Kimmy is a mum of three girls and aims to inspire mums to achieve postnatal weight loss and fitness in a safe and positive way through exercise and positive thinking through The Empowered Motherhood Project.

Articles written by Kimmy

Health & Wellbeing
Returning to exercise after baby: creating a strong postpartum body
Your little bundle of joy has arrived. Goodbye heartburn, full-body bloating and alllll of the cravings. Hello to putting on your own shoes, lying on your stomach and the endorphin hit of a great workout. But where do you start with postnatal exercise? It can be really confusing to know what exercise is safe after birth. It’s important to know that there is no ideal timeline or golden rule...
Health & Wellness
How to protect your pelvic floor during pregnancy
The Pelvic Floor is a muscle that isn’t given a lot of thought until we become pregnant. For most of us, we don’t even really worry about our pelvic floor until after pregnancy when suddenly it doesn’t feel quite right. I am like most women. I had zero interest in my pelvic floor before I became pregnant. Even during pregnancy, when I had the warning signs of bladder leaking, I wasn’t...
Health & Wellness
Here’s what you need to know about exercise in the third trimester
Congratulations on making it to the third trimester! Some women continue to feel amazing right up until their birth, whilst others may suffer from other symptoms such as back pain, reflux, pubic pain, insomnia – you name it!
Health & Wellness
Posture, pregnancy and your pelvic floor
During pregnancy, the weight of your growing uterus can cause you to exaggerate the lumbar curve in your lower back (lordosis) or to tuck your tailbone under your body to compensate for the growing weight. Your pelvic floor functions optimally when you are standing or sitting with a neutral spine. During pregnancy and the postpartum period, one of the simplest ways to protect your pelvic...