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Chloe Schneider

Chloe is a writer and content strategist with bylines in mindbodygreen, Mashable, Ageless by Rescu, and more. She's a mum to one-year-old Felix, and believes that you can have it all, you just can't have it all at once

Articles written by Chloe
With kids, sleep can feel like a puzzle you never quite solve. 
Health and Wellness
This year summer has stretched out a little weather-wise, but unfortunately, the daycare and school viruses and infections didn’t seem to get the memo. Winter has already arrived at the doctor’s office, with rising numbers of mycoplasma pneumonia infections reported nationwide.
Health and Wellness
When you think about instilling healthy habits in your kids, what comes to mind? As a parent, nutritious meals, daily movement, time outdoors, and finding ways to manage stress are top of my list.   
Behaviour Communication
Many neurodivergent and Autistic kids exhibit either sensory-seeking or sensory-avoiding behaviours.  
LEGO® is the unproblematic king (and queen!) of the toybox. It is one of the few things every parent, caregiver, and educator seems to agree on — educational, fun, accessible, and even a little nostalgic for the adults involved.
If reading the phrase ‘screen time’ triggers your fight or flight; you’re not alone, and you’re not being dramatic.
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