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toddler development

The building bricks of life…

As our children grow and begin to find their place in the world, they will need to have the emotional skills to build healthy relationships and friendships. 

We often want our children to win, but by providing them with a supportive environment where they can experience small failures and losses, we are helping them develop their emotional regulation skills. Genevieve Muir from Connected Parenting helps us to understand that by allowing children to experience both wins and losses during playtime we are helping them build their resilience and set them up with healthy expectations.

Help them develop their sportsmanship by acknowledging when they do something well; compliment them for their wins and encourage them through their losses. “That was great,” “keep trying, you were so close!”. .. “I’m sad I didn’t win, but I know that I can’t win everytime.”

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Special thanks to our friends at NooK that provided their incredible modular sofas for our shoot which are the perfect tool for play and exploration.

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