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This is my story of creativity



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Created on Jan 17, 2024 ·

Creativity is simply creating new dots in new ways and this starts by being curious! Often finding the space for time to stand still, opens our minds and we find more ways to think creatively.

I’m Emmy from @kiindred_official. My eldest daughter Ishq is definitely what you would call the creative type. She loves singing and dancing and definitely leaves her mark wherever she goes. But we she truly craves most? Being together as a family and allowing time to stand still. She got to do this and so much more…

This is my story of creativity at @clubmedphuket.

Experience it for yourself at the new Club Med, Mini Club+. More than just a ‘kids club’, their programs have been consciously curated to support your child’s courage, confidence, creativity, cheerfulness, cooperation and connection. These are all vital soft skills for being happy, staying connected and growing with confidence!

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