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Kia Sportage review with April Helene-Horton



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Created on Jan 17, 2024 ·
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For many of us as parents… no morning is truly complete without that cup of coffee. It is the five minutes of peace – or more likely a quick fix of energy in our busy days – that holds an important spot in our routines.

Because as friend of Kiindred and Body Love Activist April Hélène-Horton @thebodzilla knows, when there’s not enough sleep and not enough time…. There is always enough coffee!

That’s why when given the chance to take the all-new @kiaaustralia Sportage out for a drive, she put it to the ultimate coffee-run test.

Join April on her coffee-run with @kiaaustralia, as she reviews all her favourite features that she uses on the daily.

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