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Nina Morgan reviews the new Kia Sportage



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Created on Jan 17, 2024 ·

When you move from living that pre-kids lifestyle, to becoming a parent, one of the big things you have to navigate is negotiating your new life together – so it suits your precious little one, while still making space for the things that make you – you!

And this is something that affects all areas of your new life as a parent, and is something you will have to keep negotiating as your little one grows.

One huge part of your life that changes once having kids – is your car! Yep, your little mini car that could zip around the city isn’t going to work with the pram + car seat + all the other things you need as a parent. But that doesn’t mean your car should only be kid focused – you gotta find something which is going to support your lifestyle, hobbies and interest too!

That’s why when @movewithnina had the chance to review all-new @kiaaustralia Sportage, she was excited to see how it would suit her lifestyle as a mum, and as a yoga instructor.

Join her on her daily coffee-run with the Kia Sportage, to hear about all the features and tricks that help make a family-car feel like a parent-car as well.

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