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Kia Sorento Review with Jess Bosco

As a parent, your car really isn’t just a car… it’s your second pair of hands, your getaway and sometimes after a long day, it can feel like your best friend. 

Because it’s what’s there to get you through all the daily tasks of life, from dropping off the kids at daycare/school, to doing the grocery shop and taking the scooters + pram + a million other things to the park on the weekend. 

So when looking for that perfect car, you’re going to want something that doesn’t just look good, but is also going to make your family’s routine easier – no matter what the day throws at you!

That’s why when Jess had the opportunity to take all-new @kiaaustralia Sorrento for a spin, she wanted to put it to the ultimate daily test: the coffee run. 

Check out her review below to see how all of the Sorrento’s features and tricks makes that daily coffee run so much easier… 

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