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Kia Carnival Review with Matt Baseley



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Created on Jan 17, 2024 ·

As our little one’s get that little bit older, one of the really fun parts of parenting is being able to get outside with them on the weekend.

Whether it is going to the beach, or taking a walk around the park or traveling a bit further for a special trip – it is really fun and rewarding getting to take them on mini adventures. Plus, getting outdoors is a great way for you to reset as a parent too and will do wonders for your mood.

A huge believer in this lifestyle is friend of Kiindred, and TV presenter @mattbasely. So, when he had the opportunity to review the @kiaaustralia Carnivale, Matt was keen to put it to the weekend adventure test with the kids.

And of course, no weekend adventure would be complete without that early morning coffee. So join Matt on his coffee run with @kiaaustralia to hear about the features he loves and believes make getting out with the kids that much more fun.

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