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Created on Jan 16, 2024 ·

Remember all of those trends that we swore we’d love forever? Neon scrunchies (still kind of a vibe, tbh), space buns, chokers, shabby chic and more – we couldn’t imagine a time when these things wouldn’t be in style. Of course, now we know better. ⁠

While these trends hold (mostly) fond memories, when it comes to investing in nursery items, we want to be sure the items will actually stand the test of time. ⁠

That’s where the new Joey by @koala range comes in. Their Kookaburra cot is Red Nose safety certified and requires zero tools to assemble. Oh, and did we mention that its timeless design means it’s built for this child and the next? ⁠

Other reasons we love this Joey by Koala range:⁠

🐨 High and low settings to accommodate your growing baby
🐨 Maximum ventilation and visibility⁠

Check out the full range at kiindred.co/koala.

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