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Nurturing Emotional Intelligence with LEGO® DUPLO®



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Created on Apr 03, 2024 ·

In the words of Madonna, "express yourself!"

Self-expression is a real turning point for our little ones, as they start to identify emotions, communicate them, and understand that our experiences are valid (even when they're different from others!)

Our Kiindred editor Emmy loves these LEGO® DUPLO® sets for learning about emotions and differences through storytelling.

🛏️ The Daily Routines: Eating & Bedtime set includes two animal families 🐻🐱, each consisting of a parent and child, with 1x bedroom and 1x kitchen mini set. Their different expressions help your child explore their feelings around routine, promoting emotional development. 

🧍🏽‍♀️The Buildable People with Big Emotions set includes 5 face bricks (with different expression) along with lover 60 engaging bricks and pieces to build unique and diverse bodies. This encourages empathy and open-mindedness in our kids.

Playtime has so many opportunities to develop social and emotional intelligence, and these sets nail it on the head.

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