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Dr. Deb's 4 Tips for Stress-Free Nappy Care & the Ultimate Eco-Friendly Solution | Comfy Koalas



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Created on Apr 12, 2024 ·

Ever caught yourself wondering, "Is nappy care meant to be this tricky?"

The answer is no, it isn't. And it won't be, when you have Paedetrician Dr Deb around to run you through her top 4 tips for keeping your little one's skin comfy. Turns out, it can be as easy as A..B...C...D!

Go the extra step and give your child a skin-kind nappy solution with the Comfy Koalas Monthly Eco Nappies & Wipes Bundle. It's the perfect solution for eco-conscious parents who prioritise gentle products for their baby’s skin.

Some features:
🌱 Nappies crafted from plant-based materials
👶🏼 an ultra-absorbent core
🫧 Chlorine-free and fragrance-free
🎋 Biodegradable bamboo wipes
📦 Monthly subscription for your convenience

Plus, some seriously cute Koala designs your child will be obsessed with.

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