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Mermaid activities your little ones will love (minimal water required!)

Nikki Stevenson

Nikki Stevenson

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Created on Oct 30, 2023 · 5 mins read
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What better way is there to keep your little water babies entertained than with a splash of mermaid magic? From playing with the enchanting new Gabby’s Dollhouse Pool Playset to diving into a world of imagination, we’ve got you covered with five mermaid-themed activities that will delight the mini mermaid lovers in your life. And, better yet, these activities not only offer endless fun but also help to develop essential skills, such as creativity, problem-solving, friendship and teamwork.

Dive into Gabby’s Dollhouse Pool Playset

The new Gabby’s Dollhouse Pool Playset is the perfect addition to your child’s Gabby’s Dollhouse collection. Inspired by the popular Netflix series, this cheerful and vibrant playset brings the pool party right to your home. Your little mermaid will love recreating scenes from the show, as well as diving into new adventures with Gabby’s friends Mercat and Kitty Squiddy. The playset also features fun interactive elements, such as a slide, which will keep your child engaged for hours. And the best part? The playset connects to the Original Gabby’s Dollhouse Playset, making it a must-have addition for fans. If you can, encourage your child to play alongside a friend, teaching them the importance of sharing and taking turns while having fun too.

Gabby’s Dollhouse is more than just a playset; it’s a way to bring the themes of the show right into your home. From problem solving, friendship and the beauty of “failing fantastically” (as Gabby likes to say), this pool playset can really help to instil important values in your little ones, as they also make happy memories.


Mermaid Tail Races

No mermaid-themed day is complete without a mermaid tail race. Have your kids and their friends slip into their favourite swimsuits and create their own mermaid tails using colourful towels or old sheets. You can even get creative by adding sparkly scales using fabric paint or glitter glue. Then, set up a racecourse in the garden, complete with obstacles like inflatable rings or pool noodles, and watch them channel their inner mermaids as they compete in a friendly race. This activity not only provides physical exercise but also encourages teamwork and cooperation among the little ones. The race will not be an easy one (mermaid tails on land), but they will learn lessons in problem-solving and lending each other a helping hand – just like Gabby always teaches!

And the fun doesn’t have to stop once the mermaid tails come off, because with the Gabby’s Dollhouse Pool Playset, Gabby and MerCat both have mermaid tails which change colour with a squirt of warm water. So, why not bring the race inside too and see who can make it down the slide and into the pool the fastest.


Mermaid-themed Arts and Crafts

Let your little one unleash their creativity with mermaid-themed arts and crafts. Provide them with a variety of art supplies, such as coloured paper, markers, glitter, and glue, and guide them in creating their own mermaid masterpieces. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Mermaid Paper Plate Portraits – Have your child draw and colour a mermaid face on a paper plate. They can then cut out paper or fabric to create flowing hair and attach it to the plate. Add sequins or glitter for some extra sparkle.

Mermaid Collages – Encourage your child to create a beautiful underwater scene using a mix of collage materials, such as tissue paper, magazines, and coloured paper. They can cut out shapes of fish, seaweed, and other sea creatures, and then arrange them on a background to create a stunning mermaid-themed artwork.

Mermaid Tail Bookmarks – Help your child make their very own mermaid tail bookmark using cardboard, scissors, and markers. Cut out a mermaid tail shape, and let your child decorate it with scales, glitter, or other embellishments. Add a ribbon or tassel to complete the bookmark, making it a functional and beautiful accessory for their favourite books. (Encouraging a love of reading is always a win!)

This activity not only stimulates your child’s creativity but also provides them with a unique keepsake that can be cherished for years to come. Plus, these mermaid crafts can be displayed in their room or used during other mermaid-themed activities, adding an extra touch of magic to their underwater adventures.

Mermaid Storytime

Storytime is always a hit with kids, and it becomes even more magical when mermaids are involved. Set up a story area with cushions on the floor and sheets for an indoor makeshift tent. Gather the kids around and share stories about the adventures of Gabby and her feline friends from Gabby’s Dollhouse. The show’s themes of friendship, positivity, and problem-solving make it the perfect source of inspiration for your mermaid storytime. Emphasise the importance of kindness, generosity, and learning from mistakes, just like Gabby does in the show. You can also incorporate classic mermaid tales or create your own stories, encouraging your children to join in and share their imaginative ideas. And, of course, you can bring the stories to life with Gabby’s Dollhouse Pool Playset!


Mermaid Treasure Hunt

Turn your garden or local park into a mermaid treasure trove with a fun treasure hunt. Hide small treasures like costume jewelry, plastic coins, and seashells around the area and provide your little mermaids with age-appropriate clues or a treasure map to help them find the hidden items. To make the hunt more challenging, create riddles or puzzles that they need to solve in order to reveal the treasure locations. This engaging activity not only keeps them entertained but also hones their problem-solving skills and encourages teamwork and friendship.

With a little help from you, Gabby and MerCat, your water babies can dive into the enchanting world of mermaids and create magical memories that will last a lifetime.

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