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icon-heartIs Santa Claus real? How to tell your kids about SantaSanta

toddler development

Is Santa Claus real? How to tell your kids about Santa

Often around this time of year this a lot of talk around Santa, elf on the shelf and how best to approach it all with our little ones. Everyone seems to have an opinion on this one – and many of them strong. Should we tell kids he isn’t real? What bits are ok and not ok? Whilst I know there are some elements of the Santa narrative that are less ideal for kids, I do...

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icon-heartReady for an adventure? First stop: Patience!

Ready for an adventure? First stop: Patience!

It’s ironic, really, that the process of teaching our children about patience can often test our own. After all, patience can be a tricky concept to explain to a toddler (and some adults!) who doesn’t yet have the framework to understand what it’s all about and why it’s a valuable life skill to have.  There are, of course, little things you can do each day to teach kids about patience such as modelling it yourself...

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icon-heartFinding fun in the every day: how real-life provides the perfect playground for kids

Finding fun in the every day: how real-life provides the perfect playground for kids

Routine — it’s the double-edged sword that helps us maintain order but can sometimes make the days seem monotonous. While we, as adults, can understand the necessity of the daily grind, it’s often a tough sell to our spirited youngsters. The good news? It’s entirely possible to sprinkle a bit of whimsy and excitement into the routine and turn it into a playground of daily discoveries. The Magic of Mundane Moments To a toddler, the...

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icon-heartEarly Signs of Autism in Toddlerssigns of autism in toddlers

Early Signs of Autism in Toddlers

As an autistic mum of a child with autism, I am often asked by other parents, “Do you think my child is on the spectrum?” Typically, parents asking this question may already have some concerns or inklings about their child. First up, let’s define autism spectrum disorder. According to the World Health Organisation, “Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are a diverse group of conditions. They are characterized by some degree of difficulty with social interaction and...

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icon-heartToilet training: Practical Guide for ParentsToilet training

Toilet Training

Toilet training: Practical Guide for Parents

To toilet train or not to toilet train. We get it. Knowing when your toddler is ready for toilet training can be challenging. You might not know what signs will tell you exactly how they’re feeling and when they want to transition from using nappies to being toilet trained. First off, you should have an understanding of the difference between your toddler being toilet aware and toilet ready. What is ‘toilet aware’? When your toddler...

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