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How to create a bedtime routine for your toddler



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Created on Oct 04, 2023 · 1 min read

If there was one thing I miss most about my pre-kid life it’s not having a routine. I miss a routine of no routine. Just doing exactly what I wanted when I wanted.  Calling friends when I wanted, and talking to them on the phone for as long as I wanted – sometimes 5 mins sometimes 45! Or having that cup of tea whenever I wanted (and placing it wherever I wanted!), sleeping in till 11 am on Saturday because well, hey I had all day to do whatever I wanted…. You get my drift. I fought it for as long as I could (code for everything falling apart) but eventually, I had to admit defeat. Kids love routine. Kids need routine. My mum would actually say, “kids crave routine.“ So, if creating a bedtime routine is just part of 101 parenting…. Where do you start?

Where do you start in creating a toddler bedtime routine?

My good friend Magda from baby sleepwear brand Gotobed_thelabel says, “Good bedding is essential. You want them in soft, breathable sheets as well as a sleeping bag – having the same cosy and safe environment works as a great cue for them. Everytime I place her down she know it’s that time.”

Some other great toddler routine tips include:

  • Dinner at roughly the same time
  • A warm bath with favourite bath toys
  • A lovely little story together
  • Maybe a massage (although by baby no. 2 you probably won’t have time for this..) then of to bed.

Another great ritual you can create is listening to a guided meditation audio together (even the bigger kids can get involved and all listen together),  maybe as you are changing baby into their jimjams for the night pop on one of our audios to calm baby (and you)!

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