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Created on Oct 09, 2023 · 3 mins read

As your little one is growing up, their world is opening up to them. They’re slowly starting to find things they will uniquely enjoy. Whether it be collecting bugs, kicking balls, reading or playing their own set of hand drums, their interests are constantly sparking.

Why do you should be encouraging them?

Even though you might not understand their interests at times, they are special to them and won’t go away. We might have hoped they would share similar passions to ours like acting or sports, but it’s important that you appreciate their own way of living life.

It helps you to communicate with them

Instead of diminishing their hobbies, encouraging them will open the door to better communication. When you allow them to talk about their fascination with bugs, they won’t stop talking your ear off about this interest. It might not be at the top of your list, but creating this space for them will only keep their communication open with you.

It will help them develop

How many times did you flourish when you were told to do things you were completely disinterested in? Yeah, didn’t think so. However, when you were given the space to dive into your passions, you could dedicate hours to learning and acting on these bits of enthusiasm. You’ll notice your little one is driven to do well in other areas when they can act on their ideas!

They will feel understood and loved

Showing your little one that you are interested in what they care about will make them feel heard and understood. Something as simple as listening to their never-ending stories about the latest update on their book or sport game will mean a lot to them

How to support them:

1. Give them toys or things to improve their skills Buying a painting set or science kit to play with can take their interests from ideas to action! They’ll see how much they still enjoy it and possibly further their ‘expertise’.

2. Find ways they can try out their interests Whether it be a team or art class, there are plenty of ways to get them working on their little passions. Giving them the opportunity to try out their new fascinations will only help them to figure out what they are uniquely good at.

3. Ask questions and listen This is key! When you’ve picked them up from their activity or notice them working on it at home, ask questions to get them talking. Being able to explain it to you will make them happy and want to keep pursuing it.

4. Try to get involved with them If you can, join them on their little adventures. Whether it be by swimming in the pool with them or going to a pottery class together, it’s a great time to bond. Even if it doesn’t spark your interests, showing them this companionship is very positive.

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