School holiday activities in Perth this winter (2024)



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School holiday activities in Perth this winter (2024)

It’s the state of long beach stretches, sunny campsites, and scenic walks that make even the chilliest season feel warm and fuzzy. Even so, wracking your head around new ways to keep your little ones happily busy is no small feat.

Whether you’re a local looking to rediscover your backyard or a visitor keen to make some new memories, these best school holiday activities, including many free options available in Perth, will give your family the perfect blend of excitement, fun, and even relaxation for those over-working parents – don’t worry, we see you!

So, grab your sunscreen, hiking boots, and sense of wonder as we embark on a journey through this WA school holiday activity guide.

Outdoor adventures

Lightscape 2024
Another year of Lightscape has come around, this time being hosted in the iconic Kings Park from June 7 to July 28 (excluding Mondays and Tuesdays).

This outdoor adventure invites school-breakers to immerse themselves in mesmerising light displays that transform the park into a luminous wonderland. A family bike ride is also a great way to explore the park and enjoy the beautiful light installations together during the school holidays.

Walk through illuminated pathways adorned with artistic light installations that highlight the natural beauty of Kings Park after dark. There are interactive light exhibits that respond to touch and movement, creating magical moments for kids of all ages.

You can also catch live performances, music, food, drinks and cultural activities to make your festive adventure under the stars even more appealing to the little ones.

School’s Out Winter Fest 2024
These July school holidays, keep the kids entertained with excitement and thrills at the School’s Out Winter Fest 2024, held at the Perth Exhibition Centre from June 29 to July 14.

This action-packed event is tailored for families and kids of all ages. It features an expansive ice skating rink, snow slides and interactive play areas where children can build snowmen and engage in snowball fights.

There are also winter-themed activities and carnival rides, including Ferris wheels, carousels, and amusement attractions, along with live music performances, roving entertainers, and a festive atmosphere throughout the Winter Fest.

Oh, and of course food trucks and stalls will be set up to give you and your kids the energy boost necessary to indulge in all this winter fun!

Cultural and educational school holiday activities

Torchlight Tours, WA Maritime Museum
Take your kids on an extraordinary journey of exploration with Torchlight Tours at WA Maritime Museum, offering Deep Ocean Adventures and Mini LEGO® marine adventures.

Held at various times, these immersive tours provide interactive exhibits that bring underwater ecosystems to life, revealing the wonders of ocean exploration, as well as hands-on LEGO® building activities inspired by maritime themes.

It’s the best way to discover the creativity and engineering behind naval architecture and historical vessels this winter school break. These activities can make for the best school holidays ever, highlighting the positive and memorable nature of the experiences offered.

To The Moon, WA Museum Boola Bardip
This exhibition offers interactive displays and artifacts that trace humanity’s fascination with the Moon, from ancient mythology to the Apollo missions and beyond, and educational insights into lunar geology, space exploration technology, and the cultural impact of the Moon through informative exhibits and multimedia presentations.

So gear up your kids, because in this exhibit, they’re in for a fun adventure through space!

Creative and crafty pursuits

LOTE Storytimes
Introduce kids to the world of Languages Other Than English (LOTE) with captivating stories, songs, and craft activities at Perth City Library.

  • Japanese Storytime (July 10): Take your kids on a cultural journey through Japan with enchanting tales told in Japanese. Delve into the beauty of Japanese language and traditions through immersive storytelling and hands-on craft experiences.
  • Craft Activities: The kids language learning experience will be enhanced with craft activities that complement each storytime session, helping reinforce their cultural understanding and language appreciation.

Holiday craft Activities
It’s time to get creative with daily craft activities at Perth City Library from June 29 to July 14.

This free event offers a variety of themed craft activities that spark creativity and imagination – from painting and sculpting to paper crafts and more, there’s something for every little artist to enjoy. At this event, your kids can then gather with family and friends for a fun-filled crafting session that encourages bonding and creative expression, exploring different materials and techniques under the guidance of skilled instructors.

Family-friendly events

Rocky Road Festival, Margaret River Chocolate Company
This one is definitely a family affair, perfect for the whole family to enjoy, but let’s be honest, you’ll probably indulge more than the little ones!

Running throughout July, available at their locations in Swan Valley and Margaret River, this month-long celebration invites families to delight in an array of delectable Rocky Road treats crafted with premium chocolate, fluffy marshmallows, and crunchy nuts.

Whether you prefer classic combinations or adventurous flavours, there’s something to satisfy every sweet tooth.

The festival offers a perfect opportunity for families and chocolate enthusiasts to explore the chocolate factory, witness the art of chocolate-making firsthand, and sample various Rocky Road varieties. It’s an ideal outing for every chocaholic, little or big, during the school holiday break.

Freo Builds (and more), FOMO Freo
From July 1-7, FOMO Freo in Fremantle invites kids nationwide to join the School Holiday LEGO Trail and enjoy special offers at venues like Strike Bowling and Holey Moley Golf Club.

The School Holiday LEGO Trail provides an intriguing adventure for families, featuring LEGO displays, interactive challenges, and surprises hidden throughout the venue. Participants can follow a trail map to uncover secrets and engage in creative LEGO activities suitable for all ages. Beyond LEGO fun, families can take advantage of discounted activities at Strike Bowling and Holey Moley Golf Club, adding to the excitement of their Fremantle visit.

Check into the Hijinx Hotel
Step into the immersive world of Hijinx Hotel by Funlab in Perth, where 10 challenge rooms await eager school-goers and their family who are looking for a thrilling adventure.

Each challenge room presents unique puzzles, obstacles, and mysteries that test problem-solving skills, creativity, and teamwork. Hijinx Hotel provides a family-friendly environment where bonding moments unfold as families work together to conquer challenges and unravel the hotel’s intriguing storyline.

Archie Brothers Fun Bundle
Book the Archie Brothers Fun Bundle for a comprehensive entertainment experience in Perth, featuring bowling, arcade gaming, mini golf, laser tag, and games rooms.

The Fun Bundle offers families and groups the opportunity to enjoy a full day of diverse activities under one roof. Start with exhilarating rounds of bowling on modern lanes, then explore an extensive selection of arcade games that cater to various interests and skill levels.

For those seeking a mini-golf challenge, themed courses await with imaginative obstacles and surprises. The games rooms provide additional entertainment with interactive experiences that promise laughter and friendly competition.

Technology and STEM activities

Sensory Morning at Scitech
Designed to cater to individuals who benefit from a quieter and less crowded environment, this event offers a unique opportunity to explore science and technology in a relaxed setting – perfect for any kids with sensory-sensitivity or anxious little humans.

Kids can enjoy an engaging planetarium show that showcases the wonders of space and astronomy, tailored to be accessible and enjoyable for all ages. Booking in advance is required to ensure a comfortable experience, but once secured, Sensory Morning at Scitech promises an inclusive and educational outing during the school holidays.

Sports and active play

Karrinyup Sports Academy
Get your kids involved in the action-packed Karrinyup Sports Academy at Karrinyup Shopping Centre from June 29 to July 5, featuring sports-inspired games and a chance to win a ball signed by the 2024 Olympics 7’s rugby team.

This event offers a fantastic opportunity for kids on their school holidays to engage in interactive sports activities that promote fitness, teamwork, and friendly competition.

Participants can enjoy a variety of sports-themed challenges suitable for all ages, creating a dynamic and inclusive environment for school holiday entertainment. And, they even have the chance to win a prestigious ball signed by the 2024 Olympics 7’s rugby team – sign us up!

Let the kids burn some energy at Bounce in Perth, where indoor freestyle playground activities await. The venue provides a safe and fun environment for active play (including trampolines and cliff jumping) encouraging movement and physical activity for every kid.

Families can book their visit online to secure their spot and plan a day filled with bouncing excitement.

Kids Yoga Holiday Workshop
Sometimes it’s hard to tell the little ones ‘no’ when they want to accompany you to your yoga class. But now, you don’t have to compromise!

With the Kids Yoga Holiday Workshop located at 70 Colin Street on July 8, your little one can engage in mindfulness and movement in their very own yoga class.

This workshop is specifically designed for primary-aged children, offering a nurturing environment where kids can learn yoga poses, breathing techniques, and relaxation exercises.

Led by experienced instructors, the workshop focuses on promoting mindfulness and enhancing physical well-being through age-appropriate activities. Booking in advance is needed, so don’t miss out.

Tweens Yoga Holiday Workshop
And don’t stress if your kid is a little bit older, because right next door is the Tweens Yoga Holiday Workshop at 79 Colin Street on July 4 for kids aged 9-13. This workshop combines mindfulness with movement, offering tweens a chance to explore yoga poses, relaxation techniques, and breathing exercises to improve their mental health – tailored to their developmental stage of course. Booking ahead is also essential to secure a place.

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