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We love these fun-filled books for school-aged kids

Lise Bosch

Lise Bosch

Lise is a South African-born and Aussie-raised creative working as Kiindred's in-house writer and editor. With a journalism degree and experience in the beauty industry, she has a passion for family and lifestyle content. On her days off, she’s finding the latest and greatest brunch spots and trying to work through the longest TBR list known to humankind. It’s a work in...
Created on Oct 30, 2023 · 4 mins read

Okay, so your little one is officially off to school and entering the world of big-kid learning. How exciting! They’ll be getting into all sorts of wacky and wonderful books in class, but there are still plenty of ways you can support your kid’s reading journey at home.

Encouraging your child to read at home helps them to do better in school, enjoy reading more, and, if they’re doing well, start independent reading. You should keep a steady collection of books at home, and think about starting a reading time. This could only be 10 minutes a day, but’s a great habit that can help them build that independent love for books.

You may want to start transitioning to chapter books, and book series are great for this! They’ll have a handy backlog of reading material you can turn to any time. But even if you’ve started trialling longer stories, picture books are still really beneficial so you should have both into your child’s reading routine.

Whether your little one is a nimble page-turner or still warming up, we’ve got some great school-age reading options to get you started.

Pixie Magic: Emerald and the Friendship Bracelet 

Written by Daisy Meadows, Illustrated by Jo Lindley

Do you remember those Rainbow Magic books that flooded kid’s bookshelves in the 2000s? Well, Daisy Meadows is at it again with an enchanting new series called Pixie Magic!

First up, we have Emerald and the Friendship Bracelet. Follow besties Alice and Leo as they’re transported to a miniature world where Pixies and Glitterbugs use their magic to make special objects from once-loved items. Their magic gives these objects the power to solve people’s problems. When faced with the mean Nixies and their schemes, Alice and Leo have to work together to save the day.

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The Day the Crayons Quit

Written by Drew Daywalt, Illustrated by Oliver Jeffers

I bet you haven’t thought about how over-worked your poor crayons are. Duncan hadn’t either, until he opened his box of crayons and was met with the letters “we quit!” His crayons are bored, bickering and bursting with protest. Duncan’s clearly going to have to make a plan. This fun and funky book is superbly imaginative and bound to delight your kiddo!

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Jigsaw: A Puzzle in the Post

Bob Graham

Imagine mysteriously receiving a thousand-piece jigsaw puzzle in the mail, and then right when you’re almost done you discover there’s a piece missing! This family is hopeful to find it, and whilst combing around they uncover all sorts of long lost memories. With a lot of positivity and the power of hope, they might just be able to spot their missing piece. But you’ll have to read on to find out…..

Bob Graham is a leading voice in Aussie children’s literature, so you won’t want to miss this fabulous story!

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Willa and Woof: Mimi is Missing

Jacqueline Harvey

From the super successful author of the Alice-Miranda series, Willa and Woof is a fresh series with two books to date. The first book, Mimi is Missing, sees Willa get herself into trouble when she accidentally lets her neighbour’s racing pigeon “Mimi” free. But no fear, she’s on the case! Paired with her trusty wolf-hound and best friend Tae, she’s going to need her best ideas to track Mimi down before her neighbour finds out. A dash of mystery with plenty of warmth and cute dog-content, adventure is guaranteed in this fun story.

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Diary of a Pug: Pug Blasts Off

Kyla May

Kids love pugs. No idea why, but something about these little guys is just hilarious to them.

In this tale, Baron von Bubbles (Bub) is the cutest pug on the planet, but he really doesn’t like Nutz the Squirrel. When he decides to help his owner Bella enter the Inventor Challenge to make a super-cool project, Bub has to learn to stand up to Nutz to make sure he doesn’t ruin it.

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The Very Cranky Bear

Nick Bland

When Moose with his marvellous antlers, Lion with his golden mane and Zebra with his fantastic stripes encounter a cranky bear, they reckon they know just how to cheer him up. But it turns out that it’s plain, boring Sheep who has the answer.

The Very Cranky Bear teaches kids the importance of listening carefully to your friend’s needs and considering their problems from their point of view.

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The Magic Faraway Tree: The Enchanted Wood

Enid Blyton

If you’re feeling a bit nostalgic, take it back with this children’s story classic.

Explore the magic of the Enchanted Wood with Joe, Beth and Frannie as they embark on a series of magical adventures. This one’s the first in the Magic Faraway Tree series, the perfect solution for bedtime stories told by the nightlight.

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Press Here

Herve Tullet

Once you’ve pressed the yellow dot on the cover of this book, follow the instructions inside to embark on a magical journey.

Each page holds a new instruction for the reader to press the dots, shake the pages, tilt the book, and see what happens next!

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