What to expect at 40 weeks pregnant


Your baby

Your baby is officially a mini human and ready to enter the world! The average newborn weighs anywhere from 2.7kg to 4kg (boys tend to be heavier than girls on average). Before the baby comes out, hormones in its little body tend to surge and can mean when baby is born the chest and/or genitals may appear swollen. These will go down shortly after birth.

How you’re feeling

You made it mama! Your due date is here – although it can be seriously frustrating if you watch your due date come and go with no sign of action. But hang in there, whether baby wants to move or not, you will be holding your little bundle very soon.By now your pregnancy symptoms probably feel like they’re on overdrive, you’re tired, sore, uncomfortable, you’re not sleeping, and you might also be experiencing lightening crotch and/or pelvic pressure as baby is sitting low and pushing on nerves. Your cervix will be getting softer and thinner in preparation for birth now and it almost feels like baby will just pop out any minute!

Weekly tip

You might be feeling a serious urge to nest now, some women say they experience an energy burst right before going into labour and find themselves doing any number of things from housework, to putting the finishing touches on the nursery, to rearranging the entire house or cooking up a storm. Just try not to overdo it, take it easy as you’ll need all your energy for when you’re in labour.

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