What to expect at 34 weeks pregnant


Your baby

Baby’s movements are getting bigger, but they might be changing because there’s not much space left in there now to move around. It’s not the summersaults you were once feeling – but more like sharp jabs in your ribs or organs!

How you’re feeling

Your pregnancy symptoms are probably ramping up even more and becoming more intense… So your heartburn is possibly worsening and the Braxton Hicks are likely getting more frequent and feeling stronger too. Keep an eye on the Braxton Hicks and if they’re more than four in an hour or the pain intensifies too much check in with your doctor or midwife as it could be early labour.

Weekly tip

Have you sorted out your pre-admission paperwork for hospital? If not, now might be a good idea to make sure you have everything filled in and ready to go. Most hospitals will let you sort this all out before you arrive at the hospital as when you’re in labour the last thing you want to be thinking about is filling in forms.

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