What to expect at 30 weeks pregnant


Your baby

Baby probably has a good head of hair on its head by now (although some babies don’t start to grow hair until after they are born), and it’s starting to shed the layer of hair on its body called lanugo (some babies are born with this and lose it after birth).

How you’re feeling

Been getting bad heartburn? Well according to an old wives tale, the hairier your baby the worse the heartburn! Whether or not this is true, most pregnant women will experience some form of heartburn, to manage it try and eat smaller meals (and ideally not right before bed), prop yourself up when you sleep with pillows, and if you’re really struggling ask your doctor or midwife for some safe over-the-counter medications you can take.

Weekly tip

In the third trimester baby’s bones are growing, hardening and strengthening so calcium is vital to ensure baby grows strong healthy bones. Make sure you are getting plenty of calcium in your diet by drinking milk or eating cheese, yoghurt or other dairy products as well as dark leafy greens. If you think you’re not getting enough calcium in your diet speak with your midwife or doctor about ways to increase it – they might recommend taking a supplement.

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