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9 ways your second pregnancy will be different



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Created on Oct 15, 2023 · 3 mins read

No two experiences are ever the same, especially when it comes to pregnancy. Now that you’re a seasoned pro having done this all before, you have more knowledge and confidence under your belt. There are a few things you can expect to be different as your body has changed from your first little one.

1. You may worry a lot less (more confidence!)

After going through all of the first steps of pregnancy, you are far more equipped to handle stressors now. Anything and everything could have caused you to worry the first time, but the 2nd pregnancy is a bit more comfortable for you. Some of the symptoms you thought were the end of the world might not even cause a 2nd thought now.

2. Your bump may appear earlier

You impatiently waited weeks to see the physical sign of your first baby, but now they could be popping up far earlier than expected. Giving birth to your little one changed your body by loosening your ab muscles, making it harder to hold the pregnancy in as tightly as last time. Due to this, you might also carry a little lower this time around.

3. You have the tools to combat your symptoms now

Constipation, haemorrhoids, and swelling are nothing new to you now! You’re more prepared to battle these annoying side effects with the practices you tried before. It’s likely you will be able to lessen the symptoms by acting beforehand.

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4. The kicks may come earlier

Again, experience helps you to notice signs earlier, so you might not mistake those flutters for intestinal gas this time!

5. A change in your Braxton-Hicks contractions

These “false labour” contractions might be more frequent or intense the 2nd time around. This is due to the stretching out of your uterine muscles, so definitely thank you first child for that!

6. Stronger back pain

Similar to showing earlier, your abdominal muscles may be weaker, leading to more pressure on your back. This can create sharper and more intense back pain, so do plenty of pelvic floor exercises and wear low-heeled shoes.

7. More fatigue

With a child in tow and another one on the way, your sleeping schedule is nowhere near the same. Your little one’s 6 am wake up calls replace the napping timetable you enjoyed during the first pregnancy. Make sure to set aside time to relax and recharge.

8. Your labour might be shorter

This is something to celebrate! Your cervix has been there, done that, so it is able to dilate and thin quicker. The process of delivering a baby has prepared it for a smoother second experience.

9. Breastfeeding could be easier

If this was a challenge at the start, your second child might be less difficult to breastfeed. Your breasts are seasoned and well trained!

Bringing another life into your world is full of changes, some welcomed and some not. Having gone through it already, you’re likely to experience an easier delivery but quicker symptoms. At the end of the day, take these adjustments in stride – you’re a pro now!

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