Mama… you’ve got this!


Motherhood, what can we say… it is a rollercoaster ride of emotions. It brings up so many new feelings which you may or may not have ever experienced before… 

Things like GUILT. Guilt leaving your baby, guilt over breastfeeding vs not breastfeeding…. 

Every step of the way we can over analyse or overthink, because we love that little thing more than anything else in our world (except you dads, we love you!)

Even your own mortality…. I never actually thought of my mortality until my son was being weighed in the delivery room and it struck me, I am going to die one day and this little baby will be without me. He was minutes old and my mortality came crashing down on me.

So, my point is – it’s intense. And then there’s the sleep deprivation which can muck with our mind and body.

But the good news is you are doing a brilliant job. You are doing the best job you can and you have got this. And just in case you forget that, we got you covered. We’ve got some lovely little audios to listen to and remind yourself that your inner confidence as a mother – your mother instinct – is pure biological greatness, and you have got this Mama, you just have!

P.S Remember to always talk to someone if the baby blues aren’t going away and you are feeling overwhelmed x

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