Mindfulness for dads


I have fond memories of my husband at childbirth, one that I can laugh about now, was him trying to find his flip flops as he didn’t want to get tinea if we ended up in the hospital shower.. it makes me smile now but I wasn’t happy at the time. We are leaving the house, running late for the ‘appointment’ for me to be induced (we had no idea what was in store for us)… and he is trying to find his thongs. I was not impressed. But fast forward 9 hours and he was my rock. My absolute hero.  

He kept calm, he kept reassuring me, he kept his hand there while I gripped it like Mike Tyson would and he didn’t whimper one bit. He didn’t bat an eyelid when I screamed – and I mean screamed… ‘Get me drugs’.  He kept his cool just telling me how well I was doing, each and every step of the way.    

It must be such a surreal experience seeing your loved one in distress and pain (not everyone has this of course!) vulnerable and what can they do to help.  But dad’s, we couldn’t do it without you! 

What would we do without our beautiful baby daddy’s …    Let’s celebrate the love our baby-daddy brings in our lives. A new baby instantly changes the dynamics of two to three, or if you had twins or triplets, and other babies– it’s all a big change in your life.   And change can bring a lot of different emotions and feelings for us.

This audio is a lovely one for dads to play to remind and reassure them of what a wonderful job they’re doing to feel confident in their role and that we are all on a steep learning curve, often learning on the job in our parenting roles. Remember to lead from the heart and remind ourselves we are all doing the best job we can! 

So mum’s if you haven’t already, send your baby daddy this audio now! 

Meditation: Dads

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