The 3 things you need to organise

Anita Birges
Anita Birges
Anita is a mum of two and the founder of Mise en Place. Professional organising and property styling service. Many of Anita’s skills have been gathered over the years from working in project management, event organisation, hospitality management and real estate. With these skills she decided to share her knowledge and passion by creating Mise en Place – Professional...
Updated on Jun 14, 2024 · 1 min read

The nappy bag

It’s important to have your nappy bag organised. Ensure you have wipes, hand sanitizer, a toy, a rusk, charger – whatever it may be. Try and get yourself a mighty purse, especially in those early weeks as you won’t want to be lugging around your handbag as well as a nappy bag.

Organise your car

So I know we usually just think about the car seat, but think about anything else that you think you might need if you pull over, whether it’s dummies, wipes, spare nappies or some change (especially, if you get stuck in a parking lot).

Organise your stroller

A great way to organise your stroller without spending lots of money, is to get a carabiner. It’s those little things that you can lock onto your pram and has a place for your coffee and wipes etc. Finally and most importantly, with these items you are going to need to declutter them at least every two weeks. This means that when you are getting in or out of the house, do a quick declutter, so that it never becomes an overwhelming situation or you have trouble finding/accessing things you need.

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