What’s for dinner? Our EveryPlate Review


We’ve recently been trying out the very convenient EveryPlate delivery service! Why did we think it was a good idea to give it a go?
Because I’m always failing at coordinating the grocery orders and subsequently end up making a million trips to the local grocer ($$)
I love the idea of having someone deliver the groceries without the hassle of having to work out the menu and quantities needed. We have pretty much tried all the meal delivery services but ended up stopping because we found it too hard to make separate meals for us and the kids.
The downside to that? Well we’ve been living off a rotation of taco night, pizza night, pasta night and meat+veg!
We liked the fact that EveryPlate had simple recipes that were quick to make and that the kids might eat (there are burgers/schnitzels etc!)
So over the next few weeks you’ll find us here trialling all it has to offer – complete with our own little taste testers.

Last night on the menu: Halloumi burgers.

The verdict

The 2 year old devoured it, the 4 year old needed a little encouragement and the 6 year old made a fuss (but what’s new! 😅) and us? Well we loved it of course.
If you want someone to take care of the shopping, do all the meal planning (aka thinking!) and still end up with simple, tasty recipes – then EveryPlate is definitely for you.
We’ve got a cheeky discount code for you. Use: KIINPLATE for 40% off first box and 20% off next two boxes here.

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