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Emmy Samtani
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Created on Oct 18, 2023 · 4 mins read

Never underestimate the power in our daily choices… Pearl Chan is all about dreaming big and dreaming better. A former private banker and head of a creative agency, Pearl knew her calling in life had to be something bigger than the relentless bottom-line focus of corporate life.

Today she runs Resparkle, an eco-friendly, all-natural cleaning product made right here in Australia.

After battling headaches herself from using chemical-based cleaners, she quickly realised that there had to be a better alternative. Not only for herself and her family – but for all Aussies.

Whilst the idea for Resparkle started brewing in 2011, Pearl first turned it into a side hustle in 2015 with a stall at Flemington markets. The company initially began by redesigning traditional spray bottles in order to use considerably less plastic.

In 2021, Resparkle has taken its commitment to sustainability one step further with a range of waterless cleaning products with ZERO waste.

By removing liquids out of the equation, it removed the need for plastics. Resparkle’s products are now housed in chic glass bottles, with compostable powder refill sachets made only with plants. They create sustainable home cleaning products that are both good for your family and for the environment.

Pearl founded Resparkle on the belief that we’re all capable of making the planet a better place. And it shouldn’t cost the world (literally). And then once Pearl became a mother herself, her passion to make real change only grew.

Can you tell us a little bit about Resparkle and how the journey has been?

In 2011 I was feeling unsettled with the current state of my corporate career and I was researching my next move. That’s when I discovered that traditional cleaning products were made of 90 per cent water and only 10 per cent active ingredients. So then why were we transporting litres of water in so much plastic across the country (and often the world) when we had plentiful clean water running from our taps?

I quickly realised that this was an industry that was ripe for disruption. Consumers were increasingly becoming aware of the obscene number of single-use plastics entering landfill and looking for alternatives.

By 2015 I nervously debuted my little side-hustle, Resparkle at Flemington Markets. We started with three products, the first iteration of Resparkle came in a reusable plastic trigger bottle with a small, screw-on refill pod of cleaning concentrates that provided an 80 per cent reduction in plastic for every refill.

Today we offer the same natural and independently tested formulas, with one key difference: Absolutely ZERO waste.


What are you most proud of when it comes to Resparkle?

Seeing my product ideas come to life and my vision for a cleaner future becoming a possibility.

Every touchpoint of the product is carefully thought through to ensure we do the best we can to have a minimal eco and carbon footprint.

What impact (if any) do you feel having kids plays on you as an entrepreneur/founder?

My son is my biggest inspiration and motivation to make this business a success. Every Resparkle win is a win for the planet he will inherit. The future belongs to our children and I see it as my job that he has one.

How do you find a balance between being a mum and a business owner?

I’m not doing this very well to be honest! Dealing with mum guilt is definitely on top of the list of challenges. When juggling business calls, emails and endless to do lists, I’ve had to put my poor boy on cartoon binges and sometimes feeding him tons of snacks just so I can keep him quiet whilst I’m on a call!

But overall, I’m thankful he has been such an easy and happy child, eating and sleeping well (so I too can get my much-needed rest!).

Resparkle home cleaning products

Resparkle is founded on the principles of healthier living, how do you incorporate this into your own life?

Staying healthy is paramount especially when you’re busy and have people relying on you. Falling sick is my worst fear when trying to “do it all”.

What advice do you have to help achieve this?

Schedule in at least 2 hours a week to be active and focus on you, it does wonders for your physical and mental health.

What do you love most about what you do?

Knowing I’m being a part of the solution. Often, we’re so overwhelmed with all the big bad issues out there in the world from climate crisis to microplastics in our food. I firmly believe in the collective force of everyday small choices. Choosing better is how we make change.


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