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Keeping sleep spaces clutter-free

Anita Birges

Anita Birges

Many of Anita’s skills have been gathered over the years from working in project management, event organisation, hospitality management and real estate. With these skills she decided to share her knowledge and passion by creating Mise en Place – Professional Organising and Property Styling Services.
Created on Oct 15, 2023 · 1 min read

Just like we wouldn’t want to wake up looking at our desk, children do not want to wake up having all their toys there. It makes it really hard for them to sleep because their mind is going a million times an hour as it is. You don’t want to over-stimulate in this space, so try to keep that bedroom as a place that they sleep in. Think calm, relaxing and peaceful.

If you can’t avoid storing toys in the bedroom, try to keep it to a minimum. A couple of shelves and that’s it. If you are into stuffed toys that’s fine – but really try to keep things to a minimum. This will not only keep the space calm and clear, it will help to decrease the dust. The more toys you have in a bedroom, the more dust it’s collecting and it’s been scientifically proven that dust can disturb a child’s sleep. I actually did a makeover for a little boy that was a very bad sleeper and would wake 5 or 6 times a night. We cleared out his room and decluttered it all, you wouldn’t believe how much dust these toys accumulated.

We got it all out and from the second night he was in that room, he slept through the night. There is definitely something to be said about the effect it has on our health and mind.

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