Have you got the baby blues?


In the early days following birth, some women will experience a temporary condition commonly known as ‘The Baby Blues’. This will generally occur between the third and fifth day after having your baby and can leave you feeling very distressed and/or emotional.

What does ‘Baby Blues’ look like?

Often women will describe feeling very teary and sometimes even irritable. Be reassured that these overwhelming feelings are completely normal and natural, and are due to the sudden change in your hormone levels following the birth.

How common is it?

The baby blues is very common, with up to 80% of women experiencing this condition. In some cases, you may experience this with one child but not necessarily another. They will usually disappear within a few days, and there is generally no need for any treatment other than understanding what is going, getting rest and having support around you.

If symptoms continue…

If these symptoms don’t pass on their own, it may be a sign of another type of condition relating to childbirth, such as postnatal depression or postnatal anxiety. This is an important time to seek professional advice and support from those around you. Seeking advice faster will mean that you can get on top of it sooner which is important for you and your family.

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