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12 things you need to stop feeling guilty about as a mum NOW



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Created on Oct 17, 2023 · 2 mins read

No matter how much we love and adore our families, as mums we need to remember that we’re only human. We need to remember to cut ourselves some slack some days. Some days we are the “perfect” parent (if such a thing exists) and we feel like we’re kicking goals, and some days we need to just surrender to the chaos and be ok with that.

12 things not to feel guilty about as a parent..

  1. Loving being away from your kids. You love them more than life itself, but seriously, how good is silence?
  2. Hiding in the pantry eating chocolate so you don’t have to share.
  3. Losing track of how many coffees you’ve had…
  4. Not making it to the gym… again. You bench a 12kg toddler, you’re good.
  5. Wondering if they’re eating healthy enough. And you too for that matter.
  6. Doing sweet FA while the baby naps.
  7. Your washing has taken over your dining table. It lives there now.
  8. Not being the crafty mum. Or the active mum. Or the baking mum. Some days you’re the ‘we made it through another day’ mum. And that’s enough.
  9. Telling your kids the playground closes at lunchtime/nap/dinnertime (relish this one while they’re young enough not to know better!)
  10. Throwing out their artwork #sorrynotsorry.
  11. TV time – yours and theirs. Make peace with it.
  12. Losing your sh*t sometimes… you’re human and parenting is a battlefield.

This gig is hard! But remember every day is a chance for a fresh start, so go easy on yourself and if things didn’t go how you wanted them to today, try again tomorrow.

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