Kimmy Smith


Kimmy is a mum of three girls and aims to inspire mums to achieve postnatal weight loss and fitness in a safe and positive way through exercise and positive thinking.

Kimmy is a former professional athlete, fitness instructor and qualified yoga teacher, but these days she is on a mission to support and empower women to embrace the journey of motherhood. In 2016, Kimmy launched her own postnatal fitness and wellbeing hub, the Fit Mummy Project and Nourished Mummy Project App before going on to launch The Empowered Motherhood Project with Women’s Health Expert, Lyz Evans.

The Empowered Motherhood Project (EMP) is an online program that combines physio-led exercise with expert education for every stage of your pregnancy, birth and postnatal journey. From first trimester all the way to your baby’s first birthday, the EMP gives you expert-led workouts and education in a simple, easy to use, week by week program. So you can feel confident that you are doing the best exercise for you and your baby.

The EMP also contains specialised programs and workouts for pelvic organ prolapse, C-section recovery, pelvic girdle pain, pubic pain, abdominal separation, birth preparation and more!

Your Empowered Motherhood

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