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Joanne Lia



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Created on Oct 11, 2023 · 1 min read

Healthy Homes Expert

Joanne is a qualified Building Biologist and certified Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) consultant who specialises in creating healthy indoor environments. As well as conducting healthy home and office audits, Jo conducts pre-lease and pre-purchase audits for homebuyers.

This mother of three’s passion lies in creating safe spaces for kids to grow and learn. In 2015 she developed a safe school program to educate educators about the toxins children encounter every day.



Joanne has been working closely with pro-active primary schools and advising them on the safest installation and use of wireless technology. She also explains the importance of reducing a child’s toxic load by using safe products and implementing safe practices.

A keen blogger and presenter she regularly contributes to health and wellness publications and in her spare time she participates in community events to raise awareness and take industry violators to task.

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