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Origin: Austria
Region Origin: Western Europe

The name Robert has ancient German origins and is derived from the ancient Germanic name Hrodebert, which means "bright fame". The name is composed of two elements: "hruod," meaning fame, and "beraht," meaning bright. It has been a popular name in many Germanic languages, including English, German, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Scots, Danish, and Icelandic. Robert has been used as a royal name in France, Germany, Scotland, and England during the medieval period, and has been borne by numerous kings, dukes, and saints. Some notable people named Robert include Robert the Bruce, a Scottish king who freed Scotland from English rule, and Robert De Niro, an acclaimed actor known for his roles in films such as "The King of Comedy". The name Robert has retained its popularity over the years, ranking as the fourth most common name in the United States according to 100 years of Social Security Administration naming and mortality data.

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