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Origin: Kenya
Region Origin: Eastern Africa

Cheryl is a feminine name common in English-speaking countries, with multiple theories about its etymology. The most popular origin is a combination of the names Cherie, which is from the French word "chérie," meaning "darling," and Beryl, which is derived from the name of a green mineral, with varieties including precious stones like emerald and aquamarine. Another theory suggests that Cheryl is derived from the French name 'Cherie' and the Welsh name 'Carys,' both of which denote 'beloved' in Latin. The name Cheryl has also been associated with the Germanic name Charles, which means "free man". The name Cheryl has a meaning and origin background that makes it a popular choice for many parents. With its roots in French, Welsh, and German languages, Cheryl conveys a sense of love, affection, and freedom, making it a fitting name for a cherished child.

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